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Workforce Management made easy, passive, no apps attached

The market is full of tools for productivity and workforce management. Sometimes they require to download a mobile application; others to configure the full structure of the organisation: especially in big work spaces, monitoring activities and distributing tasks is a challenge for any manager. LBASense is a simple solution to a complex problem, that begins with passively detecting presence via the mobile phones’ signals.

The Concept

The LBASense family includes an interface (and a dedicated hardware, if needed) that provides a special, private WiFi network for integration with 3rd-party applications. Connecting their phones to the workplace’s WiFi via such network, users register into the Workforce Management system with their role (e.g. staff, assistant, etc.). The regular LBASense mobile phones’ detectors, deployed on site, locate any registered devices and measure the time spent in each location, functioning as time tracking system as well as monitoring the resource distribution in real time. The interface of the system has got a query section that helps investigating the individual activities related to specific users and exporting the activity data.

The interfaces of the LBASense Workforce Management: the portal for the users' registration, on the left, and the list of registered visitors, along with details and their presence status, on the right.

Lastly, working times and location access can be set as rules in the Workforce Management system; this helps imitating the workplace’s dynamics. In this way, custom notifications reach managers and staff members alike: when required on site because the shift has begun, when far from where he/she is expected to be, when a worker is entering an off-limits area.


The Advantages

  • The Workforce Management system powered by LBASense is easy and simple; it does not require any mobile application installed on users’ smartphones.
  • Also, managers and staff members do not need tags or badges to make themselves known when on-site; the presence of their phones is a non-intrusive yet accurate, sufficient indicator.
  • Tracking time and resources is a way to measure productivity; the distribution of tasks becomes efficient because based on direct measurements of time and activities.
  • Knowing at all times who and where is on-site allows distributing the staff in a more effective way; in large facilities, this is not an easy task, although crucial for control.
  • In case of need or rules violation, people can be alerted and sent to a specific location with a prompt notification. This becomes extremely helpful even in case of emergency and evacuation.
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The Privacy

Last advantage is the total compliance with any Data Privacy Regulations. Users of the Workforce Management system need to opt-in to use the service. This implies they freely accept and allow the tracking; they can monitor any time the information owned by the manager, connecting to the Captive Portal where such details can be modified. Users can also select whether, when and which notifications about their presence to receive.

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