Crowd Analytics for (D)OOH Advertising

Select the most profitable billboards
Measure ad exposure 

Bringing real-time impression data to the OOH world

For marketers

The main goal of OOH (Out Of Home) advertising is to expose your message (the advertisement) to the maximum amount of people. 

Which is why selecting a billboard located in crowded areas is more expensive but also more valuable selecting billboards in less popular areas.

Yet, when it comes to purchasing billboard ad spaces, you may have to rely on media owner and OOH marketplaces reported data, or on your own experience.

With our crowd analytics for OOH adverstising solution you may now trust cold hard footfall data to :

  • purchase your next billboard ad space
  • track your billboard ad impressions
  • track the conversion rate from billboard audience to store visit (requires an extra sensor in your store)
Do you advertise in Bangkok or Seoul ? We have billboard valuation data available on demand in these two cities most popular districts.


Districts covered : Ekkamai, Surasak, Silom, Chamchuri, etc


Districts covered : Gangnam, NonHyeon, Sinchon, Ewha

For media owners and OOH marketplaces

When you customers are used to SMA or SEA’s detailed impression metrics, a rough estimate of billboard impression just does not cut it anymore.

With our (D)OOH advertising solution, you can bring the same level of precision to OOH campaigns metrics as Google and Facebook do :

  • real time impressions
  • CPM valuation
  • predicted audience size
  • footfall history

Set yourself apart from your competition.
Increase your customers satisfaction.

Features available in the Crowd Analytics for (D)OOH advertising solution

GPS sensor

The LiveWalk 2022 GPS sensor let’s you track the location of a sensor deployed in vehicules such as taxis and buses to view ad impression data for each location logged along the sensor’s path.

Reach out to our team to start tracking real-time, accurate billboard ad impressions

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