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Data Spoon, a DFRC Co ltd brand, and MIE Thailand partner up to provide the first billboard valuation service in Thailand

Bangkok, June 21, 2022 – Walk an hour in downtown Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, and you will come across hundreds of billboards trying to sell you makeup, a new phone or even home appliances.  Out of Home advertising, in the form of billboard advertising is effectively a must-do in a brand marketing strategy.

The data proves it: OOH Advertising is the third advertising media in Thailand after TV and digital ads, reaching 7.773 million BAHT (222,607 US$) spent in 2021 and is expected to rise to 10,900 million BAHT (312,160 US$) in 2022.

As an advertiser in Bangkok trying to put your ad on a billboard, you may find yourself competing against big name international brands for the most attractive spots, purchasing them for hundreds if not thousands of dollars from Thailand’s main media owners.

But, how do you make sure that the spot you have purchased is indeed worth the cost?
And how do you know if your billboard is among the most valuable billboards in the city?
Data Spoon is here to give you these answers.

Erel Rosenberg, DFRC CEO
Erel Rosenberg, CEO at DFRC

OOH advertising is among the most impactful form of advertising, which explains why year after year, the share of OOH advertising expenditures in media overall spendings keeps increasing. Yet, advertisers contacting media owners for their OOH campaigns often find themselves will little negotiation power and vague data to inform them on the attractiveness of the billboards they are purchasing. We believe that Data Spoon, by providing an hour-by-hour valuation and overall ranking of billboards in Bangkok, will restore balance between media owners and companies purchasing their OOH advertising spaces.” said Erel Rosenberg, CEO of DFRC Co Ltd

Data Spoon is creating the world’s leading OOH valuation infrastructure in the world, leveraging DFRC Co Ltd smart city solutions. The infrastructure is currently being deployed in major cities in Europe: Barcelona, Prague, Vilnius, etc. and Asia : Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore, etc.

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As for MIE Thailand, “[they] found Data Spoon is very important and be a key success for OOH advertisement in the cities. The billboard owners can realize number of the peoples who are surrounding it. MIE is proud to implement this advanced technology with DFRC”.

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