Crowd Analytics for Intruder detection

A solution tailored for Professionals responsible for security and safety of large facilities.

Protect your premises from intruders with real-time monitoring

Awareness and quick response are essential to guarantee safe environments to the whole population and in community infrastructures.

We offer appropriate tools to enable decision makers to take the most effective actions, by highlighting abnormal events that are unusual for a specific date, time and location. Our sensors are deployed in strategic places or nearby critical infrastructures, to properly monitor movements in sensitive areas, differentiating between authorised and non-authorised persons.

We differentiate authorised visitors from non-authorised ones, in order to guarantee safety in sensitive areas, and detect mobile phone signals in no-phone zones.

Sensors detect and track phones for as long as they remain in range. At any time, the detection’s history of a specific visitor can be retrieved and analysed in terms of visited regions and related timestamps. The target search is performed based on visitor identifier, phone’s MAC address or profile.

This unique technology provides an effective permanent watch, generating alerts whenever a suspicious individual is detected in a forbidden area (dormitory, university, factory outlet, etc.).

Features available in the Crowd Analytics for Intruder Detection solution

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