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DFRC partners up with SpaceBelt to Develop Secure IoT Sensors Encryption Keys for Storage In Space

Singapore, June 09, 2022 – SpaceBelt Pte. Ltd. and DFRC Co Ltd, announce a collaborative partnership to secure IoT sensors encryption keys storage in Space via SpaceBelt TM  Data Security-as-a- Service (DSaaS). DFRC is willing to leverage SpaceBelt’s infrastructure to generate, transfer and store its IoT sensors encryption keys in Space to provide a trusted location to safekeep IoT sensors encryption keys for customers. The partnership with SpaceBelt will enable DFRC to provide its customers the confidence that the IoT sensors encryption keys are both secure and accessible globally.

DFRC and SpaceBelt sign an MoU
Erel Rosenberg (left) Kok Rie Ooi (right) signing the MoU

“The growth of IoT sensors has generated security challenges for the hardware/software to secure and provide multi-signature authorization to avert bad actors. Terrestrial connectivity has vulnerabilities for sensitive being hijacked during transmission or at rest. Protecting encryption “private” keys is deemed to be the appropriate path to prevent bad actors from disrupting high value data the needs to be distributed globally. DFRC’s objective to store IoT sensors’ encryption keys in Space will be one way to retire risk and provide highest protection against the threat of compromised data. We are excited to work alongside DFRC for offering a solution for storage of IoT
sensors encryption key in Space,” said Kok Rie Ooi, SpaceBelt Pte. Ltd.’s Managing Director (on the right in the picture)

“With proliferation of geopolitical and environmental catastrophic events placed added emphasis on security risk for IoT devices in the event that manufacturing plants or operational sites fall under the control of hostile organizations.” Explain Erel Rosenberg the CEO of DFRC, “our partnership with SpaceBelt will provide critical infrastructure operators with a unique solution to eliminate this type of risks. The possibility to store encryption keys in Space will provide an extra security layer for organizations and will allow IoT manufacturers that are located in sensitive areas to build confidence from potential customers” said Erel Rosenberg, CEO of DFRC

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Erel, CEO of DFRC
Erel Rosenberg, CEO of DFRC

SpaceBelt is creating the world’s first planned opensource cloud infrastructure and data storage service based in space. SpaceBelt seeks to revolutionize the way data can be securely transferred and stored by using its patented SpaceBelt architecture utilizing GEO satellites between the customer’s enterprise locations and the SpaceBelt LEO network. This provides the strongest security possible by offering global isolation from the terrestrial infrastructure of an enterprise or government organization’s high value, highly sensitive, mission-critical data assets.

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Leading The Cloud Transformation Of Space.  SpaceBelt™ Data Security as a Service is a patented, secure space-based global managed network and cloud data storage service that enables the highest
level of data security, whether at rest or in motion, for service providers, enterprises and governments around the world. Learn more at

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