Advance Alert Add-on

Set an alert threshold and receive notifications in real-time when footfall count reaches the threshold.

This add-on is compatible with all our solutions.

Footfall monitoring just got easier with our advance alert add-on

The advance alert add-on enable you to receive email notifications everytime your alerts are triggered. 

There are many use case for alerts, such as :

  • crowd security purposes
  • when your facility is close to reaching max capacity 
  • when people have stayed in the same location for too long 
  • to track rooms in your facility where footfall levels have fallen below a certain threshold

The Advance Alert Add-on offers many functionalities for your to set up highly personalized alerts such as :

  • Possibility to classify alerts per severity level, ranging from info to critical.
  • If you have set up ranges for your sensor or use multiple sensors to cover your site, you can set up your alerts for the entire site or only parts of it
  • Indicate a monitoring time frame so that even if thresholds are reached, the alert can be triggered only within your selected time frame

Features available in Advance Alert Add-on

Reach out to our team to add the Advance Alert to your dashboard

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