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Covid-19 : social distancing solution

Covid-19 has required monicipalities to adapt their services to follow local Social distancing laws.

To meet these requirements, public infrastructures need to count the number of guests currently present in their facilities.

DFRC offers a real-time counting of mobile phones within your facilities, with visitor count information being available via a browser dashboard, mobile application and API so that you can easily  appraise the number of people in your premises.

We offer special discounts for municipalities fighting against the spread of Covid-19.

Features available in the Crowd Analytics for Public Health solution

Air Quality monitoring

Air quality is a major issue for many large, modern cities.

As the number of sensors deployed by municipalities grows, it becomes increasingly important for Smart Cities to obtain actionable analytics. Yet, sensors may be monitoring different types of data and getting the full picture of how each data influences one another may become more and more complicated.

This is why our Air Quality system is tailored for Smart Cities, public health representatives and urban planners who want to monitor the quality of the air in the city and research connections between the environment and the people living and working in the city.

Our hybrid sensor can measure indicators of air pollution and retreive anonymous data about footfall  and dwell time.

Features available in the Crowd Analytics for Air Quality Monitoring solution

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