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Impact of COVID-19 in Italy Tourism: Three Year Visitor Trends Comparison for Days of Week

COVID-19 outbreak has left a massive impact on many industries around the world. Tourism is one of the most severely affected sectors among the other businesses, due to the swift actions taken by the governments to protect their countries. National lock-downs had ceased all activities for both citizens and outside travelers for a long period. Thankfully, with the fast development of vaccination, many countries are slowly allowing travelers to pass the borders under strict restrictions.


Visitor Trends in Italy for the Past Three Years

Italy, where tourism is a strong contributor to the economy, was one of the first countries to open for visitors from overseas.  Today, we examined the visitor trends of one region in Italy. The data used for this analysis was collected for almost three years. Below the graph is the comparison of the average number of visitors for the days of the week

Visitor Trends for Every Day of the Week in Turin - 2019, 2020, 2021 average comparison (graph lines are shifted for representational purpose)

In 2019, the number of visitors was the lowest on Tuesday and Wednesday and gradually increased until Saturday and Sunday. There was a sharp decline in visitors on Monday and a small decline on Tuesday. In 2020, the trend was similar to that of 2019, however, there was a slight difference.

In 2020, Monday had the lowest visitor number. There was a marginal increase in visitors on Tuesday, and the number was steady until Friday. Similar to the trend in 2019, the number of visitors increased sharply on Saturday and stayed at a peak on Sunday. However, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, there is a gap in the data for year 2020.

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Visitor Trend for the Days of Week in 2021

The visitor trend for this year, 2021, is noticeably different from other years. Instead of weekends having the highest number of visitors, the number of visitors declines sharply on Sunday. This shows that visitor behavior has changed over the years. It could be due to the restrictions imposed by the government and the decrease in tourism. 

Will tourism in Italy in the future recover to its trend before COVID-19? Some researchers see future tourism will be inevitably different as a result of the pandemic, and change in people’s perceptions. Undoubtedly, post COVID-19 tourism is facing unprecedented challenge. In order to effectively manage crisis, it is crucial to observe and understand people’s behavior and seek answer. DFRC not only provides daily visitor counts, but also hourly visitor counts and real-time visitor counts in the nearest future. Our data helps customers to manage visitors and crowds, redirect and avoid overcrowding.

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