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Libraries have become spaces where diverse members of a community gather, including elderly, infants, the disabled, etc. Thus, libraries are required to adapt to manage each user profiles own needs.

For instance, many libraries have had to restrict the number of concurrent visitors due to safety or COVID-19 related measures. Yet, it is not easy to track visitors going in and out of a library as they may have multiple points of entry.

Another challenge for libraries is space optimization, which is necessary to provide a great user experience. While libraries usually allocate their space to different functions (reading, video, studying etc), it is important to monitor the actual utilization of each resource over time to have a better understanding of the users evolving habits and needs.

Features available in the Crowd Analytics for Libraries


Parks located in urban areas come in different shapes and sizes. 

The investment of municipalities in these parks is significant and therefore it is important to measure the utilization of the parks.

However, with many different entry points, tracking visitors entering and leaving parks with traditional methods is not an option.

DFRC offers unique solutions for urban parks, pathways along rivers and seashores that include people counting, security features and visitor information registration.

Features available in the Crowd Analytics for Parks solution

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