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Permanent Watch

This product is mainly tailored for people responsible for security and safety in open areas, sometimes remote, hard to access and with no clear boundaries. The solution is also suitable for amusement parks, university campuses or outdoor fairs.

It works by detecting human presence, especially in restricted areas, and send alerts and notifications, when needed. To do so, we deploy sensors in key locations; they run on batteries or solar panels and can differentiate between authorised and non-authorised persons.

This solution is a cost-effective alternative to extensive infrastructures and round-the-clock monitoring, which have huge impact in terms of investments. 

Evacuation Monitoring

Sometimes, accident occurs that require a full, immediate evacuation of all visitors from your premises.

While tools such as cameras can be effective at visualizing visitors stuck in rooms, they may not work in conditions such as smoke fire or in low-luminosity settings.

On the other hand, our sensors are able to operate in +75 °C conditions, and do not depend on visual cues, making them the perfect tool for your evacuation operations.

Our sensors let you track mobile phone signals to enable you to know where humans may still be located in your premises, in real time.

Features available in the Crowd Analytics for Search and Rescue solution

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