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Safety Use Case – Sensor-Equipped Drone in Ireland

Project Goal

Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork, Ireland, March 2017: demonstrate a solution for tactical monitoring, in partnership with the Halpin Centre for Research and Innovation at the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI), that allows the end users to focus on target areas and objects, by flying over with a drone equipped with LBASense phone detectors.

Key findings

Sensor-Equipped Drone, SAP View – LBASense Dashobard Mobile App

The Crowd Analytics sensor mounted on the drone showed that it’s possible to target specific areas of interest, although isolated or hardly accessible, monitoring the crowd size and the phone activity via the LBASense mobile app: a search for a specific phone can be performed by activating the alert system to generate notifications as soon as the phone is detected.


The installation on drones or any UAV, controlled by the expert pilot, improves the sensor’s accuracy bringing it to the selected destination, and reduces the cost of surveillance or Search and Rescue operations, by saving resource costs of personnel and vehicles involved, increasing the overall efficiency of such missions.

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