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How do we collect footfall data ?

Our people counting technology (=footfall data) relies on listening to mobile devices’ probing signals used for location-based services.

These signals encapsulate MAC addresses as the devices identifiers.

Mobile phones use two types of MAC addresses :

  • The device MAC address : this MAC address is unique to a specific phone
  • A ”Randomized” MAC address which is generated randomly by the device and is not related to the specific phone

Respecting privacy laws means properly handling these MAC addresses

Are MAC Addresses considered personal Data ?


In Singapore, only data that can identify a person is considered personal data; therefore a MAC address without any additional information (picture, registration information, etc.) is not personal data

South Korea

In Korea, a MAC address encrypted in a way that does not allow to identify the original address is not considered personal data

The EU

In the EU, MAC addresses (including encrypted MAC addresses) are considered personal data.

How do we handle MAC Addresses ?

✅  A patented encryption algorithm  

Our system uses a patented algorithm for a highly secured one-way encryption of MAC addresses.

The encryption of MAC addresses is done inside the sensor before being sent to our cloud (processed MAC addresses are called visitor_id).


✅  A special no MAC address-collecting sensor

For our clients located in places where data privacy laws are extra stringent, we offer another type of sensor which does not collect MAC Addresses.

This type of sensors is offered in certain situations as its counting accuracy is lower than our flagship sensor.

You can reach out to our team if you are interested in this sensor.

Reach out to our team if you have any question regarding data privacy compliance at DFRC

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