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Highway activity during the long holiday in South Korea

Chuseok is one of the biggest holidays in South Korea, where the family gathers and give thanks to ancestors and harvest moon. People often come back from the Chuseok with a food coma after celebrating three days of a table full of traditional Korean holiday dishes.

Chuseok is celebrated on August 15th of the lunar calendar, which was September 21st for this year. Thus, given two extra holidays before and after the 21st of September and the weekend, Koreans had a total of 5 days for family gatherings.

Similar to the recent post, “Passenger Analysis During Weekends”, today’s news post is going to be about passenger analysis during the Chuseok holiday.


Sensors installed along the highways of South Korea

DFRC deployed sensors on highways nearby the rest stops all over in South Korea that monitor the activity of vehicles. LBASense Sensors can measure the number of passengers based on their mobile devices within the range that covers the target area.

The above graph is the number of passengers that were detected by the sensors in South Korea before Chuseok and during Chuseok, indicated by the green background. Numbers are represented in the percentage ratio of the average passenger numbers of all regions. As we can see, a weekend before the Chuseok had a slightly higher than average ratio of passengers, compared to the lower ratio of passengers during the weekdays.

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The ratio increased notably on September 18th and until 19th as the long holiday began. In the middle of the holiday,  September 20th, the ratio slightly decreased. However, the ratio reached its peak on the day of Chuseok, then decreased again at the end of the holiday.

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