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Passenger Analysis During Weekends – An Extra Layer of Mobility Analysis

Many systems can measure the number of vehicles at a specific location. However, with LBASense it is possible to measure the number of passengers and to analyse the changes in the number of passengers over time.


National Holiday in Korea

Liberation Day is celebrated on 15th of August every year in South Korea. However, since this year’s Liberation Day falls on the weekend, the South Korean government has issued an official “substitute holiday” on 16th of August, Monday. Therefore the workers in South Korea received the right to fully enjoy their holiday.

Given the three consecutive days of long weekend, it is a perfect time for people to visit their families and friends back in their hometown. During one of these important holidays, the rest stops are bustling with people who are stopping by to fill their needs and refuel their cars.

Below graph from DFRC’s crowd analytic shows the count number of people who are passing by the gas station.

Compared to the last weekend (8/7~8/8), population during the long holidays (8/14~8/16) has increased. Gas-station alone had 122% of population increase on Saturday, 106% increase on Sunday. On the other hand, EV charging station had 119% of population increase on Saturday and 106% increase on Sunday. However on Monday, gas-station increased by 118% and EV charging station reduced by 93%.

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