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Singapore eases Phase Two measures: Impact on footfall at Marina Bay

Singapore is slowly easing the Phase 2 Heightened Alert by increasing the size of the events, social gatherings and allowing workers to be back at socially distanced offices. Under the strict rules and efficient management, Singapore has been one of the most well-controlled countries for COVID-19. It seems Singapore is a step closer to returning back to normal life.

Will relaxed restrictions have impact on the footfall in Singapore? Our data shows that the citizens who have been confined in their homes are definitely keened to enjoy some outdoor activities.


Footfall at Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay is one of the most internationally recognized landmarks of the city in Singapore, with spectacular views of the cityscape along the Marina Reservoir and Singapore River. It is a perfect place for social gatherings, physical activities, and shopping. 

Below is the daily footfall graph of Marina Bay Singapore. Can you see any changes after August 18th when the Singapore government begin the second step of easing Phase Two measures?

Daily Footfall of Marina Bay, Singapore
Comparison between weekdays and weekends, before and after easing Phase Two.

Looking at above graph, it is easier to compare the footfall before and after the Phase Two. There has been sharp increase of footfall around Marina Bay area on the weekdays, and moderate increase of footfall on the weekends. Like this, DFRC provides visually interpretable analytics and help customers to find insights for their business and other purposes.

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