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DFRC and AIE-IO sign an MoU for a quantum-based security solutions for IoT devicies

DFRC (Korea) and AIE IO (Canada) have signed on MoU for the development of quantum-based security system for IoT Sensors.

IoT devices and especially Edge devices are at high risk of cyber attacks. According to Erel Rosenberg the CEO of DFRC, unlike conventional computers where the main focus is given to prevent unauthorized access to the system, IoT devices are located in hostile environments and attackers can get physical access to those devices.

CEOs of DFRC and AIE IO signed an MoU remotely
The Benefits

So far quantum cryptography was mainly a research topic and used mainly by government organizations. However, we believe that in the near future, this technology will become the de facto industry standard and we will see this technology deployed in many devices.

DFRC is expecting that by the end of 2021, we will be able to start to test IoT based quantum encryption and by 2023 we will have a fully commercial product that will include quantum encryption.

About AIE-IO

Based in Ottawa Canada, AIE-IO is a leading developer of quantum cryptography solutions.

With a group of founders that are veterans of successful startup companies, AIE-IO is building affordable highly secured solutions for the mass markets.

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AIE-IO provides end to end quantum encryption for cloud applications, providing high-end cyber security solutions for critical applications.

About DFRC Co Ltd

Based in Seoul, Korea. DFRC is a leading provider of contactless solutions based on IoT sensors. The solution based on the technology developed by DFRC are currently deployed in more than 50 cities across the world and cover 70% of the Korean population.

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