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A Second Lockdown in Italy

Italy is the first western country hit by the virus and now has recorded its highest daily COVID death tolls of the second wave, reporting 731 deaths over the past 24 hours. (17. 11. 2020)

With such high daily death figures, the government is expanding the red zone area, high-risk area for the virus, to 7 provinces which take around 1/3 of the entire peninsula.

Daily VISITOR observations in LOMBARDY

Let’s have a look at Lombardy province that suffers the most in Italy.

Since this province highly relies on tourism and service industries, the government eased the level of lockdown during the summer vacation period. However, now they are faced with headwinds of the second wave.

The above graph from the real-time crowd analytics of DFRC shows the explicit impact of the lockdown in Lombardy. The overall footfall activity had been reduced by 60% compared to the usual activity counts. When it’s compared to the first lockdown, however, the figure does not seem to decrease as much as the first lockdown. During the first lockdown, we measured a reduction of 80-90% of footfall activity which makes the current footfall around double compare to the first lockdown.

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We will continue to monitor the progress in this area and share it via our social media channels. 


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