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DFRC and BK C&F sign a MoU for the integration of HaLow WiFi technology with LBASense

DFRC’s CEO, Erel Rosenberg, and BK C&F’s CEO and Founder, Bong-ki Park, have signed in Seoul a Memorandum of Understanding for the integration of HaLow WiFi technology into the LBASense product lines, on Friday.

Signature of the MoU between DFRC and BK C&F in Seoul, on Friday the 10th of January, 2020.
What’s HaLow WiFi?

HaLow WiFi (IEEE 802.11ah) is a wireless Internet protocol allowing IoT devices to interconnect within an extended range with very low power consumption.

HaLow WiFi uses 900 MHz license-exempt bands to provide a range up to 1 Km for Wi-Fi networks (indoor WiFi), while conventional Wi-Fi networks are operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, in a range up to hundred meters only. It also benefits from lower energy consumption, allowing the creation of large groups of stations or sensors that cooperate to share signals.


The Benefits

The integration of HaLow technology into LBASense’s product line will allow cities to use LBASense sensors without deploying a fixed infrastructure or using expensive cellular communication while enjoying wide-band real-time communication, and much lower operating power.

Such integrated sensors are perfectly fit for city-wide deployments (tourism, urban planning, public transportation), but also to be mounted on UAVs, benefiting of the extra-long range capacity for large crowd monitoring and Search and Rescue operations.

The first Smart City pilot of the integrated system is already expected to begin during the second quarter of 2020 in the Republic of Korea.

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Contact us if you wish to deploy a similar system in your city.

About DFRC

Specialised in geospatial data fusion and analysis, DFRC delivers powerful end-to-end solutions based on meaningful information about location, movement and flow of people and objects through unique monitoring tools such as its patented LBASense mobile phone detecting sensors, software platforms and mobile applications. In 2019, LBASense sensors had been deployed in over 2,500 locations worldwide (Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle-East, USA and Latin America). Moreover, its Internet of People pilot in Korea just achieved a milestone of 5 million connected visitors.

About BK C&F

BK C&F is a Korean company founded in 2013 by Bong-ki Park, focusing on System Level Design with Performance ( Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, EMI, Thermal ) and Simulation & Verification: EMC/ESD Simulation, RF/Digital Interference Analysis.


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