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Introducing the Internet of People in North America

Take two companies, one from Korea and another just started in the US. On one side, the expertise in the Internet of Things, used to connect multiple types of sensors to people, in order to provide better tailored services. On the other side, an emerging business in providing wireless order systems for fast food restaurants. You will find a natural convergence of interests and intentions, headed towards North America.

From IoT to IoP

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices capable of transferring data over networks with only machine-to-machine interaction. While IoT successfully managed to connect a large number of devices, its main focus shifted to fix connectivity-related issues: reduced power consumption figures and hardware cost, with a cost-effective communication network.
The Internet of People (IoP) is an even more advanced concept, allegedly the next evolution step of IoT. Its goal is the creation of valuable and usable insights for humans, starting from data collected by the sensors’ population. Such a synthesis is performed using new sets of technologies based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. They allow the data processing from heterogeneous sensors and the creation of situation awareness pictures focused on people, in full compliance with data protection regulations.


About DFRC Co. Ltd.

DFRC Co. Ltd. provides LBASense, a platform for the integration of IoT sensors and people. Its technology enables data fusion from various types of sensors: environmental and weather detectors, WiFi and video analytics, LPR, POS. Such data is converted into actionable insights that drive the design of new, custom services for people. DFRC technology has now reached 2500 sites worldwide. Moreover, its IoP pilot in Korea just achieved the milestone of 5 million connected visitors.

About Ideaself Inc.

Ideaself Inc. is a young startup company located in Portland, Oregon. The company specialises in the provision of wireless order systems for fast food restaurants. The eating business requires fast and efficient services to customers, not to mention the quality of the served food. Clients tend to see in the order phase one of the weakest points of the service, due to waiting time, complexity of the menu or its lack of information. With Ideaself solution, it has never been so easy: now restaurants can add details of the food, from pictures to ingredients and allergens; they can easily change prices and create new deals; food availability can be updated with a click. Ideaself is bringing all this and more to North America.

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Mr Rosenberg from DFRC (left) and Mr Min from Ideaself (right) proudly show the signed MOU, along with their business products: the order system and the IoT sensor.

Erel Rosenberg, CEO and founder of DFRC Co. Ltd., and Chris Kyong Uk Min, President and founder of Ideaself Inc. signed a Memorandum of

Understanding (MOU) in DFRC Seoul office, on the 25th of September, 2019. Goal of the collaboration is the deployment of LBASense IoP platform and sensors in North America. The two companies will work together with a focus on productivity tools for local businesses and management instruments for the local municipality in Portland, Oregon. The starting point will be a sensing software that can be installed on Windows-based points of sales.


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