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Christmas Eve Crowd Analytics in Gangnam

Gangnam District became famous all around the world following the success of the song “Gangnam-Style” by the K-POP star PSY, however, what may less be known worldwide, is that this neighbourhood is a real district of Seoul city.

Both a financial and commercial centre district of Seoul, Gangnam is also very popular for being a lively shopping and entertainment area famous for its clubs and nightlife.


Christmas Eve Crowd Analytics

The heart of Gangnam is the metro station and the underground shopping mall which normally attracts around 200,000 people during week days.

Christmas eve this year was no exception, with more than quarter a million of people passing via the centre, making the peak hours around 18:00 – 19:00 when the area became overcrowded.

Screenshot from LBASense Dashboard showing the hourly footfall in Gangnam on the 24/12/19

Crowd Composition

Using our LBASense Crowd Analytics profiling tools, it seems that at least half of the people who have visited Gangnam during Christmas eve were last-minute shoppers or people going for an early dinner while around 40% of the people were commuting to work around the area on Christmas eve.

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While Christmas Eve was definitely a very crowded day, the most crowded day during this holiday season was Friday 20/12 where more than 265,000 people have been recorded in Gangnam area.

Screenshot from LBASense Dashboard showing the daily footfall in Gangnam from 19/12/2019 to the 25/12/2019

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