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DFRC Keynote during BIGDAS2020 Conference

The CEO of DFRC, Erel Rosenberg, delivered the keynote speech during the BIGDAS2020 conference that took place in Busan on 27th November. Based on the main topic of this 8th International Conference – Power to change the world, Big Data, the address was mainly covering the journey of DFRC to develop their prediction technology and research activities on more actionable results.

Erel Rosenberg opened a speech by β€œFor the past years, big data research had changed dramatically.” and he added “At the early stage, we focused on data collection, data harmonization and data quality. In the second stage, we focus on predictive analytics and data mining and in many cases, we achieved excellent results. Our next focus should be on actions –Β  How we can use knowledge to help customers improve their business processes.”.

Followed by the explanation of the development of Big Data technology, he introduced LBASense prediction technology. β€œWith a single sensor located inside a coffee shop, we are able to predict the number of visitors tomorrow with an accuracy of better than 95%, however, in most cases that shop owner has nothing that he can do with this information. On the other hand, long term prediction is extremely useful for shop owners as they need this information in order to make a decision if they will renew their rental contract or move to a new location.” Also, he emphasized, “Such prediction is much more complicated as we are required to make a fusion between multiple data sources including data from sensors that are located outside the premises of the shop owner.”

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Erel continued to say “Our big challenge is to find the most cost-effective method to collect relevant and actionable data for our customers.” and finished his speech by saying that we are inviting researcher interested in this are to join us in our journey.

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