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Another COVID19 Wave and Christmas in Korea

With the consecutive holidays of Christmas and New year, the medical experts have raised concerns about the high rise of COVID19. Considering the 2nd wave of COVID19 last August was due to the big scale of rebellion and holiday season, the Korean government has announced additional policies to restrict the interregional populational movement.

Trends of daily new cases of covid19 around the Christmas holidays

Accordingly, we have collected the data to find out the nationwide population flow through the LBASesne, real-time population analytics of DFRC. LBASense operates the prediction analysis with the data from the past and calculates the prediction intervals as shown on the graph below – the red and green dotted line respectively displays the minimum and maximum values of predictions, and the black solid line denotes the actual observations

Trends of traffic on major highway rest stops around the Christmas holidays

Before the start of the Christmas holidays, the records of traffics in rest stops are within the range of predictions. However, during the 3 days of consecutive holidays, the visitor has dropped under the minimum values of predictions. When we correlate this trend with the daily COVID cases,  the number is around 1000, not drastic swell to 2000.

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We are going through the long and seemingly endless tunnel and welcoming the new year, 2021. Some countries have started COVID19 vaccination, which lights up our ways to exit. All the staffs at DFRC are praying earnestly to overcome COVID19 and enjoy the joys of our daily lives again by helping each other.

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