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Safety Use Case – Yeungnam University

Project Goal

Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan, South Korea: understand the peak hours and real time crowd behaviour as part of the LBASense Smart Campus project.

In October 2015, a fire outbreak in a polystyrene manufacturing plant close to the university campus resulted in an emergency evacuation during which the sensor installed for crowd analytics purposes served as a safety tool, enabling security guards to verify on the Dashboard that all devices (hence persons) where safely evacuated from the building before checking again on site.


Typical Crowd Analytics Data

Yeungnam University Typical Crowd Analytics Data: Visitors' counting per minute during one hour, Number of returning visitors, and Per minute number of visitors in one region

Key findings

Due to the incident, the real-time monitoring view reported the sudden drop in the crowd size, immediately after the evacuation began, as shown in the figure below.

LBASense sensors and system can be powerful tools to monitor crowds’ safe movements in case of an emergency or as an alert when unusual events are taking place.

Yeungnam University Evacuation Data


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