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DBS Marina Regatta 2017: Singapore’s Pop-Up Beach Event Crowd Analytics

The sixth edition of DBS Marina Regatta (DBSMR), Singapore’s Biggest BayFest, took place at the Marina Promontory from 1 to 4 June 2017. The event saw Southeast Asia’s largest Urban Beach at 21,000 sqft, Battle Bay – Singapore’s first inflatable water obstacle course and the Asia debut of an Intel Drone Display. DBSMR also brought in partners such as Bali Beach Club Potato Head, fitness and lifestyle brand lululemon and electronic dance music organizer ULTRA Singapore.


BayFest Crowd Analytics

DFRC installed its Crowd Analytics’ sensors at Marina Bay, from June the 1st to June the 4th 2017. Four LBASense Crowd Analytics sensors were deployed onsite, detecting passively and anonymously mobile phone signals, hence allowing to count in real-time the number of visitors, analysing their behaviour patterns and the crowd’s distribution at the Bay.

Deployment map showing the distinct regions covered by the four sensors, set with customised coverage ranges, different for each sensor.

Data Patterns And Specificities

LBASense sensors have shown recurring visitor patterns over the four days. A first peak of visitors was detected every day around noon, with the most crowded day for lunchtime being Sunday, June the 4th, around 12:00. Indeed, visitors responded very positively to lululemon’s Yoga+, Eat Train Love, and WeBarre classes; food stalls were also very popular.

DBS Marina Regatta Crowd Analytics data about the four days, for the whole site.
Singaporean’s favourite evening was, without a doubt, Saturday, June the 3rd. The peak of visitors was registered by our system at 19:00, just in line with the beginning of the DBSMR x ULTRA Countdown Party at the Play Dome, gathering thousands of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fans.

Analysing in detail data region per region, we could see that the peak hours were sometimes different from the entire site’s results.

For instance, the Battle Bay peak hour was on Friday, June the 2nd, at 18:00. The peak at Bay Beach was on Sunday, June the 4th, at 17:00, whereas the peak of visitors at Bay Dome and Bay Eats were both recorded on Saturday, June the 3rd, at 19:00.

Marina Bay Regatta 2017 4 Regions Peak Hours


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