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Facing Mobile Power Management System Evolutions, DFRC’s Sensors Adapt Their Capabilities

Following the recent introduction of an enhanced Power Management System in mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy 8 and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy 9, DFRC is introducing a new passive mobile phone detector that is specially designed to improve the detection capabilities of mobile phones implementing power saving mode.


Better Detection Capabilities

More specifically, the 7th generation of LBASense sensors will be able to detect faster and more accurately mobile phones that are reducing the number of transmissions as part of their power saving strategy.

The new sensor will be available first for OM2P-based devices, including the range control management system, followed by a new release of the system for the extended-range devices, designed for enhanced coverage.

OM2P and UNISEM LBASense Crowd Analytics Sensors

Independent Crowd Analytics

Focusing on Crowd Analytics, DFRC’s technology aims at delivering powerful end-to-end solutions based on meaningful information about location, movement and flow of people and objects through unique monitoring tools such as its patented LBASense mobile phone detecting sensors, software platforms and mobile applications.

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Detecting all kind of mobile phones, DFRC is operator independent and is capable of detecting and counting any mobile phone, regardless of the mobile operating system or the Telco operator behind.

Nevertheless, keeping the LBASense system up to date with the latest releases of smartphones’ operating systems is one of DFRC’s main concerns in order to provide the best services to its clients.


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