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Crowd Analytics: Social Distancing in Gangnam Station

Visiting crowded places increases the risk of getting infected from a nearby person. In addition to the total number of visitors, we suggest “link” as a supportive measure to decide whether the place is risky or not.

Gangnam station is one of the most crowded underground stations in Seoul with more than 2 million passengers per month. This station serves as a transportation hub for many of the people visiting Gangnam district.

From the graph, the exit with the highest link measure is No 6 within all 15 exits of Gangnam station. Exit 6 is adjacent to the main business district of Gangnam station where major companies are located. The average links of Exit 6 are around 261 while that of Exit 10 shows the lowest number, 42. Thus, we can say using exit 6 is 6.2 times safer than going through exit 10.

Also, the crowd analytics also indicates that the average people you would encounter in Gangnam station is 110, at some point of time and exits it surges up to 5,000.

What can be done?

From the graph of daily links of exit 5 to 7, we can grasp the attributes of passengers. The significant falls of links appear on Sunday, which means the majority of passengers of these entrances are likely to be the employees of the adjacent business district. We recommend passengers using exit 6 to use exit 5 or 7 as alternatives, which results in the drastic declines of possibility to be exposed to the virus.

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This research had been conducted based on data collected from LBASense a multi-purpose crowd analytics platform developed by DFRC.

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