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Pop-Up Event Use Case – Artbox 2018

Project Goal

Artbox Creative Market, Singapore, May 2018: analysis of visitors’ footfall, mobility and social media engagement, in 4 different parts of the market in Singapore. .


Key findings

Four LBASense Crowd Analytics sensors were deployed onsite, detecting passively anonymous mobile phone signals, allowing to count in real-time the number of persons located in four areas of the market.

Artbox 2018 Deployment Map, Screenshot from LBASense Dashboard

Crowd Analytics data show that the most popular day to visit Artbox was Sunday, May 27th at 18:00, with the most frequented area being around the main entrance (green line on the graph below). The “Gryphon Tea” zone was also the most popular on Friday and Saturday (yellow line on the graph below).

Analytics Data from the LBASense Dashboard showing visitors' count in 4 different regions from 25/05 to 27/05

Additionally, thanks to the Crowd Analytics “Path” module for Sunday, May 27th at 15:00, at the opening of the event’s doors on the most popular day, we can see that from the Main Entrance (sensor 4 on the LBASense Dashboard map, also marked as “out”), most visitors were also detected around the Gryphon Tea area (sensor 3), in the food and drinks zone of the market.

Screenshot from the LBASense DAshboard, showing to which regions (from the region marked as "out") the visitors are going most.
Social Media Listening Analysis Showing the Peak Posting Days and Hours

When looking at the most used hashtags related to Artbox, expressions linked to food and drinks are also predominant (“foodie”, “gryphonteaco”, “sgfood”, “instafood”, “foodporn”, “sgfoodie”, etc…).

Social Media Listening: Most Used Hashtags During Artbox 2018

Based on the above results, combining Crowd Analytics and social media listening, the visitors’ prefered interest seemed to have been the food and beverage area, over the activities and concert zones.

Such information can be very useful for brand positioning and advertising planning during festivals and free outdoor events.

Photo credits: LBASense Dashboard screenshots: all rights reserved to DFRC; social media analysis: keyhole.


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