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ROCK: Starting Now!

ROCK (Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities) Open Knowledge is held from 27 to 30 October 2020 as a form of a virtual conference for city officers, policy-makers, urban researchers, cultural actors, and civic changemakers. It aims to support the transformation of historic city centres afflicted by physical decay, social conflicts and poor life quality into Creative and Sustainable Districts through the shared generation of new sustainable environmental, social, economic processes.

For this upcoming event, DFRC suggests a range of useful solutions as following. If you want further info about these, you can explore our solutions : 


DFRC is equipped with a wide range of Sensors that can be applied to various use cases. In addition, we have installed and deployed our Sensors at 30 cities in Korea and 59 cities around the world. Moreover, with the advantage of Applicability and Flexibility, we can guarantee you the best satisfaction through our solutions.

Also, LBASense Sensor is the solution for Contactless Lifestyle Analytics with unique metrics such as Mobility and Link analysis.

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LbASense Sensors not only count the number of people at the target location but also collect the frequency of access per entrance points (Mobility). The Link analysis counts the number of contacts to other Visitors who stayed at the surveyed area for more than 1 minute, displaying the possibility of infection exposure.

This year, the session will be held as a virtual online session due to the lockdown worldwide. However, we hope you could grow more interests in building Smart Cities and Sustainable Development through ROCK event for the future generation. If you are interested in our solutions drop an inquiry via our website and email.


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