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Bologna 2020: Year-end summary

Since the EU community announced to start vaccination for all EU countries,  the EU has administered more than 477,000 first doses as of 7/01/2021 Thursday evening. There are some other countries that have started vaccination – UK, US, Canada, Israel, etc. As a certain length of the period is required during injections, these gaps could result in another spread of the virus.

Let’s have a look at the 2020 year-end summary of visitor count in one of the cities in Europe, Bologna, Italy.

The government has reached more than 650,000 people vaccinated against COVID19, the highest number of doses administered in the EU. As the population flow increases high during the Christmas and holidays for New year’s day, there were more skeptical perspectives about the effect of the vaccine in Italy.

However, the data we collected from the LBASense, the real-time population analytics of DFRC, have supported a more optimistic result of the vaccination. The value has dropped at most by 85% compared to the predictions. Accordingly, the Health Ministry also reported 12,532 new infections, down from 18,627 on Sunday.

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