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Adieu 2020: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Here we introduce the second city for the year-end summary, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Cluj, Romania is a city located in the northwestern of Romania and an unofficial capital city of the Transylvania region. You would be able to predict the world-wide trend of COVID19 through a series of posts “Adieu 2020” in the nearest future.

Before we move on to the population analytics of Cluj, it is worth to discuss the trend of COVID19 in Romania for the last 1 month. The number of total cases of COVID in Romania is around 684,917 and with the number of deaths 17,035 as of 15/01/2021. Unlike most country have expected a few high rises of COVID periodically, the overall trend of Romania shows a modest increase by November, hopefully, now it has passed the tunnel and now shows a slight decrease from the high pick. Then, let’s see how it was possible.

We have collected the data from LBASesnse, real-time population analytics of DFRC. The given data display the predictions with the maximum and minimum and the actual count. From 23 to 26 of December, the count dropped below the predicted interval and when it’s compared to the count from last week, it has drastically decreased from 40,000 to 20,000. That of another meaningful day, 31/12/2021, has also shown a huge fall to 25,561 from 45,248.

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