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DFRC Co.  Ltd (Korea), Rinicom LTD (UK) and Fleksbit d.o.o. (Croatia) will develop a groundbreaking novel IoT system that will be able to accurately and ethically detect, identify and count the number of mobile devices by analysing the number of unique transmissions generated by those devices.

The system which is based on AI technology will specifically target the European markets and the GDPR regulation which will allow for the first time, to have a mobile phone detection system that fully complies by design with GDPR.

“As data privacy is becoming more and more important in Asia, it is very important for us that our sensors will meet the highest standards in this domain” explains Erel Rosenberg the CEO of DFRC Co. Ltd.


“Highly accurate indoor localization of mobile devices is highly valuable for our existing airport customers who prioritize security and social distancing”, states Garik Markarian from Rinicom “we believe that our solution will provide the best cost-effective solution for this problem”

“Tourism is the industry that suffers the most from the COVID. We are planning to deploy a platform that will enhance the capabilities of destination manager to have better actionable information on their customers” states Zoran Kozačinski from Fleksbit “our system will help our customer to increase the ARPU of each tourist which is the most cost-effective solution investment in destination management”

The system is expected to be deployed in Seoul during Q1 2022 followed by deployment in the UK (Lancashire) and Zagreb.


About DFRC

DFRC is the world leading provider of WiFi based mobile phone detection solutions.

By using software defined radio and AI technologies we are able not only to detect and track mobile devices, but also to predict the expected behavior of visitors in the area observed by the system. Our unique and proprietary technology for MAC derandomization allows us to count and track iOS and Android devices that are using randomization technology for WiFi scanning and to detect devices even in case that the device WiFi is turned off.

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DFRC’s solutions are deployed in 30 cities in Korea and 59 cities around the world including Bangkok, Bologna, Prague, Singapore and Milan.


About Rinicom

Rinicom is a Lancaster UK-based SME which has gained recognition as a leading-edge Electech company providing bespoke telecommunications solutions. We are a business-to-business supplier and our customer base is truly global. We work with system integrators and distributors who have come to rely on Rinicom’s world-beating solutions for their own products and services. Rinicom is proud to have won the Queen’s Award in 2013 and 2018 for International Trade and continues to aspire to exceed expectations year on year.


About Fleksbit

Fleksbit is Croatian ICT company with high quality standards in the field of engineering, development and maintenance of software solutions, mobile applications and IT consulting based on long knowledge and tradition, innovation and strong social responsibility and confidence in successful implementation of all tasks. We support system services with our turnkey software solutions and provide the highest level of cloud service.


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