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Real time demographic is now provided on selected areas​

Real time demographic data including age and gender is now available on DFRC LBASense crowd analytics platform. 

The platform which is available in multiple locations in Korea including Seoul, Busan, Osan, Damyang and Suwon allow the customer to analyze the number of visitors in each specific area by age and gender. 

“Crowd analytics is moving toward fusion of multiple data sources including demographic and purchase data as part of our effort to provide additional insights to our customers” explains Erel Rosenberg the CEO of DFRC. Demographics data is especially important for vertical solutions such as valuation of Out Of Home billboards and can be used together with purchase information that is available in multiple regions. 

Using demographic data, we allow our customers to implement an advanced valuation model for billboards where the value of the billboard is defined not only by the number of people that are able to view the billboard, but also by demographics data as demographic information has a strong correlation with purchasing habits. 

Contact us to learn more about availability of demographic data and other add on services in your regions. 

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